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I’d love to be your Celebrant! Let me take the stress out of this important part of your planning - & we’ll have fun designing a beautiful Ceremony to showcase your romance.
You’ll have the opportunity to draw on my extensive experience for ideas, themes, help with writing vows, referrals for service providers. No matter what you prefer – I can design it just for you – from traditional and formal, to costumed, to historically themed, sand-pouring on a beach, sunset weddings ...
You might like to use my signing table & cloth, PA system with MP3 facility and there’s more!
Lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) with me to legally start the process. I’ll need to see your birth certificates (originals/certified copies), and if previously married, proof of divorce/death of spouse.
If required I can supply supporting letters for fiancée visa applications.
Here’s a poem which I wrote, which has proven popular over the years.

A beautiful symbol of your marriage –
The frangipani symbolises protection and nurturing, and includes the wonderful attributes of sincerity, faith, aspiration, devotion and surrender.
You have chosen well; and may each of you remember the significance of its loveliness and perfume.
At any time, whether in romance, or in the challenges of everyday living, breathe deeply – and let the fragrance of the frangipani wash over you, bring to rememberance the reasons why you have chosen one another as lifelong partners.
May you each provide for the other the essence of what the frangipani means.

“There’s an ache of sadness that comes in saying goodbye to someone we love..”

This is a time of delicate sensibilities and vulnerabilities and you need a Celebrant who understands the grieving process. It’s important to say ‘farewell’ to your loved one in an appropriate way, and to care for the passing soul as well as upholding those left behind.
Let me help you choose exactly the right words to celebrate the life of the one passing, leaving beautiful memories.
I can introduce you to a Funeral Director, or you can recommend me to your Funeral Director.
The following prayer I wrote for a memorial service held a year after the mother had passed. It had been a difficult relationship:

In the light of God’s grace and in the name of Christ, we give thanks for L’s mother, PMH, who passed from this life one year ago.
For those of us who knew her, let us remember that she was a child of God, struggling with the life she was here to lead. As a mother she brought qualities that are passed on for good, and for the challenging aspects of a growing life.
We send our love and healing prayers that past hurts in her soul, and in the souls of those around her, may be healed in the light of divine love, divine grace, and divine power.
When some-one close to our lives passes, it is an opportunity for our hearts to let go, to say ‘thank you’ for what has been, and to allow the balm of healing grace to release all actions and memories to the light, releasing all that has gone before.
We pray that the experiences of inequities be absorbed and absolved in the everlasting and ever-loving arms of our Lord’s love.
Be at peace PMH.
Be at peace noble daughter, L; and may your courage and forgiveness reside in Christ’s love; and may you grow in love and understanding for the life of your mother; and indeed, for the life you have chosen for this incarnation, and for the healing of your soul.
Be at peace PMH, be at peace L, be at peace each human heart.
In the name of Christ we pray, so shall it be.

What a joy! Welcoming a precious new soul into the world. A heartfelt and meaningful ceremony brings the family together to Celebrate.
Families return to me for all their special events – a new baby is certainly one of those!

Example of a poem I wrote to suit a family’s circumstances:

“A New Sister”©
A new sister! WOW! This is amazing! Our parents, we thought, were past this behaving!
We look with awe, with curiosity, and with loving intentions – as we look in her eyes and see our reflections.
We look, and what else do we see? An angel, a beauty, an addition for we three!
Can we play with her? Can we join in her growing? How can we express our support and our knowing?
We’re older now, and more understanding it seems – we would love to be part of Abbey May’s dreams. We’re not always there, our own lives and families are developing. But please let us be part of this precious life enveloping.
We’d love to support our parents and sister, and come to know Abbey and bring her great pleasure. Our extended family’s growing apace, of this we’re proud and wish her love and grace. AB

Let me design a beautiful ceremony to welcome your new baby into the world.

(Not a legal marriage.)
Vows of loving Commitment blessing your relationship. Suitable for same-sex couples or those not wanting to legally register for any reason eg. couple in a retirement village. Also suitable for those newly divorced and not yet finalised.

Honouring the gift of life – updating your commitment to one-another. Sharing aspirations for the future.

Imbue your home with the spirit of love, life & joy.

Whether it be a formal 21st or a 100th year celebration – a structure adds a feeling of greater importance and depth.

Honouring the past, enjoying the present, empowering the future.

Business? Family? Friends? Want to celebrate? Ring me!

May include a workshop, colour therapy & yoga informed knowledge & practises.