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Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful documents

Every client is unique and my ceremonies are tailored to suit your needs. First we meet and discuss your ceremony. I’ve got many years’ experience with so many different types of ceremonies under my belt! I can offer you a wide variety of choices.
For your part, I will need to see original/authorised copies of your birth certificates, or if previously married, documentation proving divorce/loss of spouse.
If you don’t already have a copy of your birth certificate you will need to apply to The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages (BDM) in the State in which you were born. For WA births: .
Divorce Certificates are available through the courts.
You’ll need to fill in a Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) which you’re welcome to fill in with me, or download from BDM or the Attorney General’s site . I (or authorised person, eg JP) will need to witness your signature.

At least one month! The Notice of Intended Marriage is valid for 18 months from lodging it with your Authorised Celebrant.

There is a range depending on whether you want a small home office wedding or a big production! Prices vary and you’ll get a quote on application. A booking fee (non-refundable) will be required with Lodgement of the notice, with the balance due 1 month prior to event.

It’s unlikely to happen. If you want to apply for shortening of time you will need to apply through BDM or the local courthouse. It’s hard to obtain. There are extenuating circumstances such as one of the parties to the marriage dying, or a parent with not long to live. You’ll need a doctor’s certificate as proof. Once you’ve obtained shortening of time and presented it to your Celebrant the wedding can go ahead.

Your options include: (i) you can get married while she’s here on a visitor’s visa; (ii) you can apply for a fiancée visa, book a wedding date with me, and I can write a letter in support of your application. You’ll need to book the date with me first which will be included in my letter of support.

It would not be recognised here if it’s just the traditional wedding and not registered with the government of the country. This is also true of some other countries.
You may want to check details with Department of Foreign Affairs & Trading (DFAT) .
We can have a small ceremony to make your marriage legally recognised in this country. This will cover the legalities.

The only thing different that would help to have your marriage recognised in your country is to apply through DFAT for an Apostille stamp on the Marriage Certificate issued by BDM. I can arrange that for you if you would like. Some countries require an Apostille/ Authentication stamp.

Yes, I love helping people write what’s in their heart and making it part of their special day. The simple Questionnaire I ask you to complete helps with this process.

I’ve got a PA system with MP3 facility. Someone else needs to be in charge of it on the day as my speaker is set quite a distance from where I’ll be positioned.

Yes, I’m delighted to include your prayers. No matter what a person’s spiritual, philosophical or religious background I’m happy to include what’s meaningful for them. You may want to have someone else to do the reading, or I’m perfectly happy to do it myself. I’ve got a background in Yoga & Meditation, Christianity & have undertaken religious & philosophical studies at university, also, I’m a qualified colour therapy consultant. I like to find out the cultural and philosophical background of the people involved so I can help with appropriate wording for their special event. There’s some legal content which is required, but the rest of it we can design to suit.

You cannot legally be married until the divorce is finalised. If it doesn’t come through in time we can have a Commitment Ceremony, but it won’t include the legal bits and I won’t declare you as husband and wife! We can do the legal part at a later date with your witnesses when the divorce comes through.

I can refer you to good photographers & other service providers, depending on your area.